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Pizza topping ideas – my top 10 toppings

I’m only happy when I have my next pizza feast planned. Whether that’s a pizza night at home (my husband prepares the dough 36 hours in advance) or a booking at a top pizzeria. As I write this post I’m excited about next Saturday’s feast at 400 Gradi in Melbourne – their pizza maker, Johnny Di Francesco, has just been recognised as one of the world’s best at a competition in Parma in Itay.

Enough background – here you’ll see my top 10 pizzas. The first 7 are home-made. The last 3 are from Fourth Village Providore, one of my favourite Italian restaurants. I’ve included tomato based (pizze rosse) and white based (pizze bianche) pizzas and they’re all authentic – so there’s not a chicken or pineapple topping in sight.

Making home-made pizza? Here’s a step by step recipe on how to make pizza dough at home.

1. Tomato, marinated eggplant, goats cheese, prosciutto & rocket

Home-made pizza, pizza dough recipe
2. Truffle bianca – buffalo mozzarella, truffle infused salami, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil

Pizza toppings, ideas, recipe, best
3. My ‘Napoletana’ – tomato, olives, capers, anchovies & oregano

Home-made pizza dough, recipe
4. Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, prosciutto

Pizza toppings, ideas, recipe, best
5. Smoky bianca – smoked scamorza, red pepper, felino salami, cherry tomatoes

Pizza toppings, ideas, recipe, best
6. Provolone, roasted sweet potato, rosemary, caramelised red onion, mild salami

Pizza toppings, ideas, recipe, best
7. Classic margherita – tomato, bocconcini mozzarella, fresh basil

Pizza toppings, ideas, recipe, best
8. Patate e Salsiccia – fior di latte mozzarella, roast potato, pork sausage, smoked cheese, truffle oil

Fourth village pizza
9. La Bufala – cherry tomato sauce, basil, parmesan & whole buffalo mozzarella

Fourth village pizza
10. Nobile – fior di latte mozzarella white base, gorgonzola, smoked Italian speck & truffle oil

Fourth Village Nobile pizza


  • Use San Marzano tomatoes for your tomato based pizzas. They’re considered by top pizza chefs to be the best tomatoes in the world. These heirloom tomatoes and long and thin relative to your more typical round tomato. You can buy different brands (see example below) and although not typically stocked in supermarkets you should find them in speciality Italian stores.

san marzano tomatoes, pizza, recipe, toppings

  • Although fior di latte mozzarella works well on pizzas do experiment with buffalo mozzarella. It’s more expensive but it’s absolutely worth it. I’ve tried buffalo mozzarella made in Italy, Australia and New Zealand (see photos below). Many would argue that you can’t beat Italian buffalo mozzarella but I try to support locally made products where possible.

pizza, recipe, toppings, buffalo, mozzarella

pizza, recipe, toppings, buffalo, mozzarella

By Feast Wisely

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