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Common high sugar food & drinks – an infographic to help you go sugar free

The truth about sugar is spreading – and fast. It’s hard to believe that an ingredient that’s consumed daily by billions of humans across the globe has been so little understood for so long. That’s why I’m sharing a fantastic educational infographic on sugar – it shows how many of the things that pass your lips daily are loaded with sugar and are potentially hazardous for your health.

I came across it in Doctor Mercola’s newsletter. Quoting directly from his words “If you want to reduce, and in many cases virtually eliminate your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, I suggest you get serious about restricting your sugar/fructose consumption to 25 grams per day.”

Do you know how many grams of sugar you consume daily?

My no sugar journey started in 2012. Up to then I wasn’t a sugar addict – I avoided soft drinks and rarely ate processed foods. But I had a soft spot for ice cream, chocolate and thought I was doing the right thing choosing low fat dairy products. My personal turning point was reading David Gillespie’s books ‘Sweet Poison’ and ‘Big Fat Lies‘ (find out more at I read both books within a few days and the changes I made started immediately. I upgraded milk chocolate to 85% dark chocolate, replaced all low-fat dairy with full fat, finally kicked my long-standing cordial habit and even turned ice cream into an occasional treat. Over two years on I no longer have a sweet tooth – yes I still enjoy food that traditionally include sugars, but where possible I make my own sugar free versions at home.

With that background in mind here’s the infographic:

fructose overload infographicKeen to know more? Purchase David Gillespie’s books – knowledge really is power when it comes to understanding sugar. And consider signing up to Doctor Mercola’s newsletter on nutrition and exercise.

Here’s another post inspired by Doctor Mercola on the sugar content in common fruits.

And here’s some sugar free recipes you might like to try:

7 thoughts on “Common high sugar food & drinks – an infographic to help you go sugar free

    • Thanks, yes I found it really useful. an as for weaning yourself off sugar give up the high sugar things you’re not super crazy about first and keep your sugar allowance for your real vices (mine is ice cream!)

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