Seminyak Italian Food, Bali

Bali’s Double Six is a glitzy new luxury hotel alongside the beach from which you can explore nearby Seminyak, Legian and Kuta. It’s also more than a hotel – it’s a delight for foodies with five drinking and dining options all carefully crafted to appeal to those who visit Bali for more than cheap cocktails and nasi goreng.

During a recent week in Bali I travelled from my hotel in Nusa Dua to the Double Six Luxury Hotel to try one of those dining options – Seminyak Italian Food.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six Hotel

Before even arriving in Bali I knew had to try Seminyak Italian Food for two reasons:

1. When travelling overseas I’m all for eating like locals do, but during my week in Bali I knew I’d crave a break from feasting on Indonesian delights. Truly authentic Italian food isn’t easy to find in Bali. So give the early reputation of Seminyak Italian Food as the best Italian food on the island I couldn’t miss it.

2. Seminyak Italian Food is the brains of restaurateur Robert Marchetti, famous for Sydney dining icons Icebergs and North Bondi Italian. I was curious to see how his team (some who’ve relocated from Australia) have brought their Aussie-Italian flair and ability to attract the cool crowd to Bali.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six HoteI’ve read Seminyak Italian Food described as a modern trattoria but to me it’s more casual cool than trattoria. The deck is airy and breezy with large comfortable benches overlooking the ocean – the perfect spot for a long lazy sunny lunch. Inside cosy booth tables have mood lighting and iconic Italian red, white and green sofas.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, restaurant, menu, Double Six Hotel

Inside you can even watch the chefs in action preparing and then drying pasta…….

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, restaurant, menu, Double Six Hotel

And that’s not all – it’s a carnivores dream with cured meats hanging in their own glass showcase.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, restaurant, menu, Double Six HotelLike its Sydney predecessor North Bondi Italian the restaurant at Double Six has those casual but cool touches. Like printed paper menus that double as place mats, cutlery that sits cosily in the end of each table, and waitstaff who look to have been hand-picked for the part. An unexpected surprise was the Riedel wine glasses – they made my bottle of Italian Prosecco taste even better, and show a true attention to detail and quality.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six HotelI expected the crowd at Seminyak Italian Food to be littered with Bali expats and glamorous tourists, especially given it was a Saturday night. But I think they were all upstairs at ‘Double Six Rooftop’ – one of the world’s largest rooftop bars. Instead based on my visit I’d say the restaurant is more a mix of hotel guests and other tourists, like me, looking for an Italian fix. But then I was there early on – and dinner carries on through to midnight when the party crowd are more likely to arrive.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six HoteComplimentary antipasti served at the bar during aperitivo hour

After settling in with a glass of prosecco I got to choose from the complimentary antipasti. Yes complimentary – because the bonus of visiting on a Friday or Saturday is that you can enjoy the aperitivo hour from 4pm to 7pm. Order a drink during this time and then nibble on olives, tapenade, breads and cured meats.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six HoteAfter placing the food order we received a complimentary bread basket made up of different types of bread served with olive oil. I knew then this was going to be a carb feast. Luckily my dining companion (my husband) had more than his fair share of the bread.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six HoteMoving onto the antipasto the arancini balls promptly arrived. Whats special about the arancini balls is that they’re made from a combination of four different cheeses – feta, grana padano, asiatico and gorgonzola. You can see the recipe here. Like most of the antipasto options they cost around $10 Australian.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six HoteArancini – four cheese & spinach crispy rice balls, Gorgonzola, feta, Parmesan & asiatico with lemon

Although the menu includes various options for secondi including “Bistecca Fiorentina” and “Porchette di Marchegiano” we both opted for pasta dishes. Pasta served in Bali is generally not at all authentic so the opportunity try Bali’s best was so tempting – especially after seeing it prepared and dried in the restaurant itself.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six HoteFettuccine con bolognese – wide cut black pepper pasta, beef ragu, Bologna style

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six HoteBucatini all’ Amatriciana Roman style – pancetta, pigs cheek, slow cooked tomato sauce

Both pasta dishes were 100,000 Rp each – that’s around $12 Australian. An equivalent pasta dish in Sydney would set you back double that price. Not only is the pasta value for money it’s also generous on meat and flavour. Let’s just say what followed the pictures here were two very clean plates, indeed if we’d been at home there would have been some plate licking involved.

Alongside the pasta we tried a couple of “contorni” – side dishes.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six HotePea, basil, mint, lemon, air dried ricotta salad

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six HoteButter lettuce, mint, frissee, dill & lemon

Of the two sides the peas were the stand out – in fact they were so good I could happily eat a big bowl of these for lunch. The addition of basil, mint and air dried ricotta takes a plate of peas to another level. I made a note to myself at the time that I must prepare peas like this at home.

Finally dessert time came around and as always there was room for tiramisu. The tiramisu is a classic recipe but what makes it unique is how it’s served. The wait staff literally come over to your table with a huge family sized bowl of it and serve you a generous spoonful. The only downside when eating tiramisu out is you don’t know how much sugar is used – see my no added tiramisu recipe here.

Seminyak Italian Food, Bali, resturant, menu, Double Six HoteTiramisu – Strega, Marsala, espresso, vanilla sponge & mascarpone

And if tiramisu doesn’t get you excited then rest assured there are plenty of other dolci options to choose from, all of which are less than $10 Australian. Here’s the raspberry trifle:

Seminyak Italian Food, BaliTrifle “Zuppa Inglese” – fresh raspberries, lemon sponge, chianti jelly, pistachio, almonds & vanilla chantilly

Overall when dining out in Bali I found that generally restaurants fall into two categories:

  • Cheap options, such as seafood BBQs by the beach or warungs that lack in ambience.
  • Expensive options, such as those within the top hotels, with prices on par with Australian cities.

The great thing about Seminyak Italian Food is that it sits in between these two. It’s not so cheap that you’ll be talking about the bill for days but on the other hand it offers huge value for money by Australian standards, with a three cost meal coming in at as little as $30 Australian per person. At the same time I came away from my visit with a huge appreciation for the amount of thought and effort that’s been invested into the ambience and food. It’s true to say their now really is an authentic Italian on the Island of the Gods.

By Feast Wisely


  • Seminyak Italian Food
  • No. 66, Double Six Beach, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
  • Open daily for breakfast (7am-11am), lunch (12pm-4pm), spuntini (4pm-5.30pm) & dinner (5.30pm – midnight)
  • Book online or by phone
  • Visit:
  • Phone: +62 (0) 361 734 300

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