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Have we forgotten how important breakfast is?

If you’ve read any of my previous posts then you’ll have a feel for my Feast Wisely philosophy – it’s about feasting and enjoying food but in a way that’s mindful, not rushed and good for you. I typically associate feasting with lunch or dinner rather than breakfast. I value dinner time feasting especially as an opportunity to set the table and unwind by sharing stories from the day.

But when it comes to breakfast we’re all time poor, including myself, and it’s easy to miss what some consider the most important meal of the day. I’m guilty most days of grabbing a quick protein shake on the go after my morning exercise. But I often think about how it would be nice to take the time to feast wisely at breakfast.

Breakfast with Bill GrangerWhen I heard that Australian chef Bill Granger is actively celebrating breakfast with the concept of ‘Rise and Dine’ (in partnership with Jordans Cereals) I was keen to know more. Bill Granger is one of Australia’s top chefs and food writers with a global reputation. He opened several ‘Bills’ restaurants in the early 90s in Sydney and more recently he has expanded globally. His restaurants are famous for their breakfasts and his ricotta hotcakes dish is virtually a celebrity in itself (Google ‘Bills ricotta hotcakes’ and you’ll see what I mean). I was lucky enough to attend a breakfast with Bill himself………

So did a breakfast with Bill Granger convince me to switch my protein shake on the go for a real meal?

First up I found out the shocking statistic today that according to research from Jordans Cereals 44% of Australians admit to regularly skipping breakfast.

As Bill said himself  “It’s a shame that so many Australians are skipping breakfast altogether. We should be setting an example and sitting down with our families to enjoy a wholesome breakfast that provides us with enough energy to start the day”.

I agree with Bill on this one. His thoughts take me back to last Sunday – when I saw two small children devouring ice cream at 10am. Yes ice cream for breakfast. At the time I thought to myself – surely those children would not be eating ice cream if they’d had a real breakfast. I refrained from saying this to their parents.

Breakfast with Bill GrangerSecondly Bill Granger explained that each morning he makes the effort to sit at the dining table with his wife and young girls to enjoy breakfast. This is in sharp contrast to almost half of Australians who in the same research admitted that they are often busy doing other things whilst eating breakfast. I too am guilty on this one – if I do sit down to eat breakfast often it’s whilst multi tasking on my iPad.

Breakfast with Bill GrangerThirdly Caitlin Reid, a Dietician & Exercise Physiologist, makes the valid point that “over half of Australians don’t consider the food they are eating at breakfast time and are happy to eat whatever is easiest, regardless of the health benefits and how this fuels their body. That’s why it’s important to balance your breakfast with a mix of protein, good-quality carbohydrates and fruit to provide you with enough energy to get through the day”.

Breakfast with Bill GrangerSo the case is made – Aussies need to make breakfast a regular, mindful and healthy daily feast.

I’m committing (at least few days a week) to replacing my protein shake with a mindful healthy breakfast. And with that in mind here’s my top two breakfast dishes for their speed of preparation and nutritional make-up:

  1. Wholesome oats with yoghurt and low sugar fruit such as berries (with a sprinkle of cinnamon)
  2. Organic soft-boiled eggs with good quality sourdough bread and a side of spinach or kale

Breakfast with Bill GrangerBill Granger wants Aussies to ‘Rise & Dine’. Want to win a breakfast with Bill Granger himself?

To launch Bill’s ‘Rise and Dine’ concept Jordans Cereals has a competition giving you the chance to win an Exclusive Rise & Dine breakfast with Bill Granger at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art. 20 lucky Aussies can win tickets to this exclusive event then  purchasing a box of Jordans Cereal and entering online. For more information visit

By Feast Wisely

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