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Spinach & feta cheese dip

I sit firmly in the no excuses camp when it comes to preparing as many meals as possible completely from scratch. I freeze batches of organic chicken stock, shun store bought sauerkraut for a homemade version and even mix my own spice blends – like Indian garam masala.

Of course I appreciate that in today’s non-stop world most people don’t have a spare hour in each day, let alone swaths of uncommitted free time to use as they please. And when life gets in the way taking shortcuts can feel like the only way to get a meal on the table.

Spinach & feta cheese dipBut some shortcuts are hard to justify. Like buying pre packaged dips with suspiciously long shelf lives. Check out any regular dips in the supermarket and you’ll likely find the ingredients littered with extras – not only preservatives but also commonly vegetable oils and sugar – two of our biggest dietary enemies.

Many homemade dips are super quick, cheap and easy to prepare, using only a few ingredients. Like this spinach and feta dip. So banish any excuses, put aside 10 minutes or so and give this recipe a go. Team it with some crusty bread and indulge safe in the knowledge that every ingredient is wholesome and nourishing.

Spinach & feta cheese dip

Spinach & feta cheese dip


  • 1 large bunch of English spinach (or 5 big handfuls of baby spinach)
  • 100g feta cheese, crumbled
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 clove garlic, crushed
  • 1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Spinach & feta cheese dipMethod

  1. Soak the spinach in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes (removing any tough stems first).
  2. While the spinach is soaking grab a large bowl or food processor and add the garlic, feta and lemon juice.
  3. Drain excess water from the spinach (no need to spin or pat dry) then add it  to a pan on a medium heat.
  4. Cook the spinach for 1-2 minutes or until lightly wilted, then transfer it to a colander to drain.
  5. Squeeze any remaining water from the spinach and add it to the bowl or food processor.
  6. Blitz all of the ingredients into a smooth paste, gradually pouring in the olive oil.
  7. Season with salt as needed – the cheese itself could provide enough seasoning.

Spinach & feta cheese dip

Spinach & feta cheese dipServe with crackers, bread or vegetable sticks. For a fiery hit sprinkle fresh chilli flakes over the dip.

By Laura (Feast Wisely)

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6 thoughts on “Spinach & feta cheese dip

  1. Great idea – I am absolutely in the same camp as you when it comes to making as many things from scratch as possible. Dips are so easy when you have a good food processor, too… I forever have homemade hummus and pesto in my fridge. One dip I haven’t made is spinach and feta though! What an awesome idea (I love it in baked goods so I’m not sure why this hasn’t extended to dip sooner!). Will give this a go on the weekend xx

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