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Artichoke & spinach dip (or pasta sauce)

It’s been a while since I experimented with a homemade dip. Thankfully this week I was inspired to step beyond my kale pesto and tomato kasundi comfort zone.  My inspiration came as I was finishing Brain Maker, a fascinating book about how gut microbes can protect your brain. It’s a relatively new area of science that’s just starting to make headlines. The author is a neurologist called David Perlmutter, and the book follows on from Grain Brain (which exposed the effect of wheat, sugar and carbs on the brain).

Artichoke & spinach dip (or pasta sauce)Anyway speaking of the gut I’ve learnt so much more about the crucial role of prebiotics and probiotics in creating a healthy gut – or in science speak a ‘diverse microbiome’. Prebiotics are the fibre based fuel that feed the good gut bacteria, the probiotics. Surprisingly the best prebiotics include onions, leeks and garlic – all in their raw form. So in my quest for a prebiotic boost I landed on a tasty dip that featured lots of raw Australian garlic.

Artichoke & spinach dip

Artichoke & spinach dip (or pasta sauce)Artichoke & spinach dip (or pasta sauce)

This recipe makes around 300ml of dip.  It can also double up as a pasta sauce – paired with 200g dried pasta you’ll have a generous serving for two.


  • 160g drained artichoke hearts (a small jar)
  • 80g fresh baby spinach, washed
  • 1-2 cloves garlic (the best quality you can find)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 30g-40g parmesan
  • Salt & pepper to season

Artichoke & spinach dip (or pasta sauce)


  • Add all of the ingredients to a blender and blitz into a smooth purée. Store in a sterilised glass jar.

To turn this dip into pasta sauce cook an extra clove of garlic and another 100g spinach in a pan with butter and a generous splash of white wine. Then added the pre made dip, some extra parmesan and slowly heat the resulting sauce before stirring through 200g cooked pasta.

By Laura (Feast Wisely)

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20 thoughts on “Artichoke & spinach dip (or pasta sauce)

  1. This looks absolutely beautiful Laura, I love the vibrant green colour and that garlicky kick (totally get you on needing fresh, plump cloves – the flavour and oil is totally different!). Definitely going to try this. I need to look over your parsnip hummus too (such an unappreciated vegetable!) xx

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