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Top Reasons to Love Butter

The simple pleasures in life are often the most neglected. Too easily they’re overlooked in favour of costly or complex adventures. Like fancy restaurants, round the world trips, designer accessories….I’ve been thinking a lot about the simple pleasures as I embark on a 12 month career break from work. Squeezing more of them into my now time lush weekdays is my aim.

The first step to finding more moments of happiness is to be aware of those simple things that bring you pleasure. You can then build more of them into your everyday, and have greater gratitude in those moments. Top of my list are peaceful reading time, feeling the sun on my skin, home cooked meals, Game of Thrones, long hot baths and butter.

Butter? Yes, butter is one of life’s edible joys. Give me a few slices of sourdough toast and a slab of good quality butter and I’ll happily savour every bite. The quotes featured here suggest I’m in good company.

Butter is good for you

I called this post ‘Top Reasons to Love Butter’ not just because (for me at least) it’s one of life’s simple pleasures, but also because it’s healthy – bringing benefits that go way beyond happy taste buds.Butter Quote Jacques PepinButter Quote Ruth ReichlFor too long butter was demonised as being packed with naughty saturated fat. Butter fans the world over converted to margarine. But many are now switching back safe in the knowledge that butter is actually good for you.

Here are some top reasons to love butter – butter is rich in:

  1. Vitamins E and A – the latter of which is an immune and thyroid health booster
  2. Vitamin K2 – also known for being one of the health wins of fermented foods
  3. Saturated fats – that can help raise HDL (‘good cholesterol’) and keep you full
  4. Conjugated linoleic acid – a fatty acid with anti-cancer properties
  5. Short and medium term fatty acids – that protect against tumors
  6. Lecithin – a substance that assists in metabolism of cholesterol

Don’t take my word for it – Google ‘Is butter good for you?’ and you’ll get a feel for the benefits of butter in moderation (and the dangers of processed margarine alternatives made from oils that have been hydrogenated).

Butter Quote Paula DeenButter Quote Yotam OttolenghiHow to protect yourself from hard butter

There is one downside to being a butter lover – butter is tricky to spread unless you’re always thinking ahead and remember to bring some to room temperature. Which 9 times out of 10 I fail to do. More often than not this leaves me frustrated with cold hard butter that doesn’t want to go anywhere.

That’s why I’m ‘spreading’ the word here about a genius product I came across when looking for a way to avoid wrestling with hard butter. It’s called ButterUp and is the knife that promises to solve common butter dramas. I was about to place an order when the kind team at ButterUp sent me a complimentary knife to trial.ButterUp knife reviewI’m pleased to report that my new ButterUp knife makes light work of spreading cold hard butter. It’s all thanks to a clever design that features grooves on one side and small holes on the other. You can check out more on this clever kitchen companion here and place an order online.

ButterUp knife reviewThe Mexican Fisherman

Back to the simple pleasures in life. I couldn’t resist sharing here a tail I often reflect on. It’s called the The story of the Mexican Fisherman (featured on a blog called ‘bemorewithless’). Take two minutes to read it and let me know your thoughts!



26 thoughts on “Top Reasons to Love Butter

  1. Laura! I truly love your post. And… I love butter. I remember when I was kid, my grandma used to do butter at home and I was excited and impatient to have a fresh butter with good piece of bread and pinch of salt. And I was happy… I went back to books, “science kid’s” stuff and came back for other piece. I can eat it over and over. I am not big fan of margarine, however good butter is always in my fridge.

    Thank you for sharing this story ❤ I think everyone should be aware of these things. Many people just simply forget to enjoy life and what life even means… Two years ago, one day I said "That's enough" and I took a break for couple of months from everything and it was very refreshing…

    • Hi Vero, thanks for your lovely words. I am so impressed that your grandma made her own butter – and you like me seem to cherish good bread and butter! Also so nice to here about your ‘enough is enough’ break – makes me feel better knowing others have dived in and come from a break feeling refreshed.

      • Hello Laura, I have really nice memories about it. However, it was pretty hard job as I remember 🙂 But the result – TOP! Do not feel bad about yours. Sometimes it is really needed and that’s why we go that way. Sooo… enjoy it and you will know when you are ready for something else 🙂

    • Liz – well what more can I say other than I love your mother’s saying – now seeing your teeth in the butter requires a generous spread. And tell me about the margarine diversion – I’ve had to educate my own mother to revert back to butter – which I am happy to report she did a few years ago. Bring on the butter I say!

  2. I never switched from butter. It’s one of life’s pleasures for sure! I remember a quote from Joan Dye Gussow, “I prefer butter to margarine because I trust cows more than I trust chemists.” I don’t usually use much butter, though, except when I bake but every now and then a piece of toast spread with butter! So good! I love this knife!

    Also – The Mexican Fisherman. Lovely!!

    • Mollie – what can I say your butter quote is fantastic – sums up the matter in a nutshell. And good to hear that you stayed well and truly on the smooth butter path. You should spread more butter – from what I have gathered it’s pretty good for you!

  3. I like this blog and I am totally with you loving the butter! I don’t believe artifical substitues are good for us at all, or that they will make us slimmer and healthier. Great post! 🙂 x

    • Hi Jenny – so glad my post has helped rid you of any butter guilt. And I’m with you on going for top quality butter – I stick to grass fed / organic and am happy to pay a little more for a better butter!

  4. Hmm, what a cool butter knife! Yes, butter is good for you, and I’ve never purchased margarine. Mother never did either, and in her eyes she didn’t use it every day, or even every other day, so why buy something inferior in taste? And now we know butter IS good for you as well as just being, well, good.

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