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Indian Apple Chutney

In the UK fresh apples are available almost all year round – I imagine most Brits would find the idea of buying apples months after they were picked more than a little strange. But that’s exactly what happens in the US and Australia. Something I struggled to grasp after moving to Australia.

The apple season in Australia is short – with apples picked between January and May. Things are similar in the US where apples generally ripen between August and September. Outside of this apples are kept in cold storage to allow Aussies and Americans to buy apples year round. But as with all fruits and veggies the more time that’s passed since picking the lower the nutrient content. Studies have shown the antioxidants in apples generally drops off after three months in cold storage. For this reason, living in Australia, I’m reluctant to buy apples out of season.

Indian Apple Chutney

So before Australia’s 2018 apple season ends I grabbed some apples that had been picked only days earlier and made a giant batch of chutney. A chutney that would give me a hit of apples for months to come.

Indian Apple Chutney

Indian Apple Chutney

I wanted a chutney that was health boosting and free from naughty ingredients like added sugar. Being a huge fan of all things Indian food I was drawn to a recipe for Indian Apple Chutney from Ashley at My Heart Beets. As Ashley points out this chutney is versatile and is way more than an accompaniment to an Indian meal. It works well with fish, as part of a cheese board and would add a wow factor simply spread on toast or sandwiches.Indian Apple Chutney

I chose Ashley’s recipe because of the heavy hit of good for you ingredients – including turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar and a host of powerful spices. The only change I made was to eliminate the added sugar, confident that the apples themselves would bring enough sweetness.

With a just a few weeks until the end of Australia’s apple season I’d love to hear any recipes from you that preserve apples….


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12 thoughts on “Indian Apple Chutney

  1. Just last night I made this because I had a butternut squash (also slightly out of season). Instead of looking around for apple cider in May, I pureed an apple with the baked squash and then added the mixture to a pot of veggie broth with some ground cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. I found that it needed a little sugar at the end, but if using a tart apple that will release its own sugar, you can probably get a good result without adding any.

  2. Looks crazy delicious! Have made lots of applesauce in my day, but never thought about chutney. Yum 🙂 Agree with you on produce being best in-season. Good call.

  3. Us Americans are a bit nuts, expecting everything to be available at our fingertips no matter what the time of year. I don’t blame you for not buying apples at any time – freshest is always best! This is a great chutney!

    • Hi Chef Mimi – Australians aren’t so different, and many wouldn’t know that the ‘fresh’ apples they buy have been sitting in storage. So glad you like the chutney too…..

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