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6 tips to save money on groceries

Save over $100 a week by smarter spending on groceries…

Over the years I’ve learnt that saving money on groceries doesn’t have to mean making sacrifices, like giving up my favourite snacks and treats. That’s because there are easy ways to save on your regular grocery shop. Here I’m sharing my personal tips and tricks to smarter grocery spending. The possible weekly savings here of over $100 are based on my weekly spend of $100-$300. Of course not everyone will make the same savings but with smarter spending it is possible to spend way less.  Try a couple of my tips and see how much you could save!

The possible savings here are based on my experience with Australian supermarkets and my weekly spend of $100-$300. Images sourced from

  1. Upsize everything! My weekly saving: $5-$15

Buying large pays off, even if you live in a single or small household. That’s because many products have a shelf life of many months or years. And it’s almost always cheaper to buy the biggest jar, box, bag or bottle available. If you can upsize without the worry of waste then do it – and save a few cents (or even dollars) every time. Make savvy upsizing decisions by checking out the ‘price per 100g’ supermarket labels and see how the price drops when you go large!

  1. Be specials vigilant My weekly saving: $10-$30

Keep a close eye on supermarket ‘specials’ and on some products you’ll proudly never pay full price again. Being an avid watcher of specials is easy – just subscribe to the weekly ‘specials’ email alert from your usual supermarket (Coles, Woolworths and Aldi all have these). Check out the specials and make a note in your phone of what you’ll pick up. If something you usually buy is heavily discounted then stock up for the next few months!

  1. Eat less meat at home – My weekly saving: $10-$30

Not only is eating less meat good for our health and the planet it’s also a way to save money. It’s true – in my experience moving from a heavy meat/fish based diet to more of a plant based diet can save you a small fortune. Two or three extra meat free days a week can easily save you $20 – that’s over $1,000 per year! To find these savings you don’t need to go vegetarian or vegan but just eat less meat at home.

  1. Shop around My weekly saving: $5-$15

Being loyal to one supermarket for everything may be the easiest way to shop, but it’s often not the cheapest. By shopping around, and buying some items elsewhere, you can make big savings. For example picking up pantry staples from a discount retailer (like Aldi) is often cheaper than buying the big brands in the supermarkets – without compromising on quality. Other ideas? Visit your local farmers market or greengrocer for fruit and vegetables, a discount pharmacy for toiletries and an online pet supplier for good value pet food.

  1. Buy seasonal and imperfect My weekly saving: $5-$15

As far as possible choose value for money seasonal produce – the basic laws of supply and demand mean that when produce is ‘in season’ there’s an abundant supply and so the price drops. Boost your fruit and veggie savings by choosing ‘imperfect’ produce. The main Australian supermarkets now have their own ‘imperfect/odd/ugly’ ranges and buying produce that’s blemished is cheaper, and often way cheaper, than its perfect counterparts. It still tastes great but is way lighter on the wallet.

  1. Shop online My weekly saving: $5-$15

Shopping for groceries online means no dealing with rogue trolleys, parking stresses and self-service checkout frustrations. Shopping online can benefit your wallet too – because in a supermarket it’s so easy to deviate from your list picking up extra non-essential items. This can easily add a fair amount to a weekly grocery shop. Online there’s less temptation to buy things you don’t need – especially because you can focus your shop on your ‘past purchases list’. Plus it’s easy to filter for those ‘specials’ that will save you even more.

Got your own tips to save on groceries? Please share them here!






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