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5 Vegan Dips for Christmas celebrations!

When it comes to dips there’s the easy, quick fix route – being supermarket bought dips. The downside? They’re often expensive and contain less than saintly added ingredients, like sugar and preservatives. Couple this with plastic packaging and you can see why most ready made dips aren’t nourishing for your body, your wallet or the environment.

Which is why I love making home-made dips. Of course this route takes a little more preparation but the rewards are worth it. Usually you only a few ingredients are called for and you don’t need to rigidly adhere to a dipsHome-made dips are good for:

  • Your wallet – they’re cost effective, especially if you make a large batch and use seasonal ingredients.
  • The environment – re-purposing old glass jars is an easy way to keep home-made dips plastic free.
  • Your body – you control every ingredient and chances are that means no added sugar or other nasties.
  • Your mind –  if you’re free of distractions and time pressures then making dips is a way to switch off.

Provided they’re made with a little love and care home-made dips taste great and hopefully, like me, once you’ve tried them there’s no going back.Top dips for Christmas – lunches, dinners and parties

Which brings me to this post – with Christmas around the corner here are some of my favourite vegan  and Christmas friendly dips. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or planning for Christmas lunch or dinner give one or two of these a try. And consider making a larger batch so you can gift a jar to friends and family!


For the non vegans

If you’re not vegan and like your dips with a little cheese here are a few others to try:

Merry dip making! Laura


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