Cooking at home should be fun. Something you do with your husband, partner, friends or children. You don’t need a pantry stocked with exotic ingredients and fancy kitchen gadgets to turn a simple recipe into a delicious feast. Nor do you need to be constantly trying new recipes.

Instead have 10-20 of your favourite recipes on rotation at any one time. Try a new recipe every week or so. If it’s a winner add it to the rotation, if it’s average don’t cook it again. And when you get bored of a recipe or a key ingredient is out of season drop that recipe. By doing this you’ll cook each meal once every 2-3 weeks. The advantages? Firstly, repetition will imprint everything on your memory and allow you to become faster each time, and you’ll no longer need cookbooks to plan, shop and prepare. Secondly, you’ll improve quickly by learning from your mistakes. Finally, you’ll have confidence to experiment – by adding your own twists to suit your tastebuds.

The recipes you see on this site are those that are on my rotation for me over the years. Whether it’s a simple Italian pasta dish, a spicy Indian curry or a good old Sunday roast there’s a couple of common themes:

  • They all use readily available and non-processed ingredients. It’s all about preparing simple recipes without taking shortcuts. That means using home-made chicken stock, making pizza dough from scratch and preparing your own curry pastes.
  • Vegetable oil and sugar are avoided at all costs. The rationale? There are so many healthier alternatives that contribute to, rather than detract from, having a healthy body and mind. Read David Gillespie’s books to find out more.

I hope some of my recipes make it onto your rotation.

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