Onion Relish (sugar free, fermented & prebiotic packed)
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Onion Relish (sugar free, fermented & prebiotic packed)

I’m sure you’ve heard all about probiotics – the beneficial bacteria that help keep our gut and digestion in top condition. Chances are you can name probiotic rich foods, like yoghurt, sauerkraut and kefir. Less well known, but equally as important, are prebiotics. Prebiotics are a non-digestable type of fibre found in certain foods. Simply explained they’re … Continue reading

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Common high sugar food & drinks – an infographic to help you go sugar free

The truth about sugar is spreading – and fast. It’s hard to believe that an ingredient that’s consumed daily by billions of humans across the globe has been so little understood for so long. That’s why I’m sharing a fantastic educational infographic on sugar – it shows how many of the things that pass your lips daily … Continue reading